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Art + Healing = Transformation

One to one work for Deep Change and transformation


Bring Art into Your World Decorate your walls with prints on paper and canvas. Purchase an original or commission a bespoke artwork. Murals are also available.

Soul Essence Portraits

A personalised reading & painting just for you.These paintings are infused with healing energy that you can access when you view them. Allow your soul to bring answers and healing to you.
Hi! My name is Gisela
I’m a creative medicine woman and working artist in Perth, Australia
Blending my 20 years of experience in arts education, business, counselling, art therapy, Intentional Creativity, and various healing modalities, I guide women to move from being totally stuck in overwhelm to having clarity and joy in their lives. I’ve been where you are and I’ve carved and empowering path. You can too. You are so wildly intuitive. But you grew up, like me, being taught to follow the “should’s”; to be practical and logical; to ignore your inner wisdom. Together, we will awaken you to your inner guidance system so you can cultivate the life you want through empowering creative processes that activate you to reconnect with your inner GPS. You already have what you need locked deep within. You simply need to find the key.

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