Hi! My name is ... Gisela
I am a creative healer
Creativity has been a constant thread throughout my life. I was born with an artist’s soul, but it took me until about 10 years ago to begin to truly accept and embrace that part of myself. My life has included many adventures (and many cats!) – having children, getting divorced, experiencing postnatal depression, tree changes and moving states, to name a few. Though I have Native American and African roots, I was born in Argentina, into a maternal healer line. Healing is inherent to my identity, and now, it weaves organically into my art. My background has gifted me with a different perspective on sense of place and belonging, as well as influencing my spiritual world. As I have grown my awareness of the way healing comes through, I’ve learned that all I need to do is listen and my downloads will flow onto my canvas.
The first time I saw creativity as a healing approach in action was when I was experiencing postnatal depression following the birth of my second son. Creating the Open Heart Healing Cards was my therapy. There’s a special brand of magic that occurs when I’m working with someone via a creative healing process, where time loses meaning and the resulting imagery evokes profound shifts within them. My career began as a high school art teacher, but over the years, it evolved into more of a counselling role in the classroom. This took me on a learning journey into art therapy and Intentional Creativity. It seriously fed my soul, and I could see the changes it inspired in myself and in the kids I worked with. Now, working with adults has made me love it even more! It’s an indescribable feeling when someone comes in terrified of being creative and leaving the class wearing that glow of creation.
I’m redefining life from the inside out. I’m a strong believer in our ability to create what we want in our lives, and that’s what I show people – how to create the life they desire. The property we’re developing has the studio I always wanted to have, we’re growing food (and a forest) and creating a more sustainable approach to ‘work’. The next phase in our off-grid escape will see us build little chalets for guests to come and share in profound experiences. Currently, I’m creating more paintings and developing more as an artist through exhibition showings. Maybe it’s part of getting to a certain age, maybe it’s just me, but I love how everything that happens informs and compels us to move forward in life. Life’s too short to stand still.
  • Artist 89% 89%
  • Art Therapy 95% 95%
  • Art Tuition 85% 85%
What People Say
This became so much more than just painting. I learnt to trust myself, silence my inner critic and just be. And by being & trusting the process, my painting sprang to life

It was more than just an art class. It was great head therapy which unlocked hidden thoughts, emotions and possibilities.
Alison R.

I have loved this painting class, I never really painted before, but thank you so much for all your guidance. I really like the layered approach and being able to be messy and splatter paint around. I liked our first session when we ‘visualised’ our mermaids. They are all so different, just like us! Thank you so much.’
Scarlett H.

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