Awaken Your Spark

Ignite your most powerful self:

feel seen, heard, and deeply present 

Who do you imagine yourself to be?

What dreams have been sitting dormant within because you have put everything and everyone else first?

What I know to be true, is that there is more is out there for you, you are allowed to have it all, you don’t have to make a choice. You can experience thriving relationships, feeling vibrant in your health, and experience greater fulfillment in all areas of your life.

 It is possible all for you NOW.

Let me show you how!

Let’s get creative and make some magic changes!

Discover your creativity

Bring Art into Your World

Decorate your walls with prints on paper and canvas. Purchase an original or commission a bespoke artwork.


Different aged women smiling with their paintings

Discover Your Creativity

Find out who you truly are in a group setting with other like-minded women. These classes are fun and inspirational, letting your imagination go wild, making space for you reconnect with your heart. Or hop on an online class to build your confidence.

Integrative Healing

Integrative Healing & Mentoring

One on one work for Deep Change and transformation


You don’t have to wait for a magic wand.

Now is your time

Now is when you get to choose to be who you truly were meant to be…who you are called to be.

Come on a creative journey to discover YOU.

For the woman who wants a life of ease, flow, and deep inner confidence

Start to learn how with my free classes.

Don’t take my word for it –

This became so much more than just painting. I learnt to trust myself, silence my inner critic and just be. And by being & trusting the process, my painting sprang to life.


It was more than just an art class. It was great head therapy which unlocked hidden thoughts, emotions and possibilities.

Alison R.

I have loved this painting class, I never really painted before, but thank you so much for all your guidance. I really like the layered approach and being able to be messy and splatter paint around. I liked our first session when we ‘visualised’ our mermaids. They are all so different, just like us! Thank you so much.’

Scarlett H.

Hi, I’m Gisela!

creative medicine woman, tech goddess, and founder of the Creativity Counsellor. 

With over 20 years of experience in arts education, business, counseling, art therapy, Intentional Creativity, and various healing modalities. 

It’s become my mission to help women transition from being totally stuck in overwhelm to having clarity and joy in their lives.

I’ve walked in your shoes, I’ve been where you are and I’ve created the path out.

When I’m not helping people release their creative expression, I’m probably in my studio creating, or regenerating trees on our property.


If you’re feeling called to create positive change, heal from your past or release your inner artist it would be my privilege to help you on your journey.



Gisela Pineiro

How about some freebies?

If you’re ready to unleash your creativity, but not ready to invest, here are some free downloadable images, as well as self-paced courses for you to indulge in.

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