When Kids leave home and other adventures

by | Jul 16, 2022 | Uncategorized

So many exciting changes for so many! I also wanted to ask that if you feel these emails and what I’m sharing isn’t for you please unsubscribe. I really want this space to be vibrant and for you to feel connected to this collective.

Coming back to fill you in on what’s been happening… One thing that surprised me was my son moving out. He hadn’t quite turned 18 and recently had his license. He wanted to be closer to where the action and study were.

I was excited and scared for him at the same time. Then a funny thing happened a little while after he left. I started feeling odd…there was no one to make sure they were getting on with their studies, no reminding of chores, and no need to cook good wholesome meals every day. In fact, the house became very quiet.

Then it hit me…this is what the empty nest thing feels like. I am no longer ‘needed’ as a parent, my job is done (I know, that never ends!)

I wonder if you’ve been at this stage and what your experience has been?

One thing that seemed really clear was, that this is an important transition time for us as women. ‘Me’ time without the guilt. Imagine the possibilities!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been working with some lovely ladies recently at this stage and they all had similar stories. The interesting thing that came up though was the sense of loss and grief, but also feeling somewhat lost….like who am I without this identity?

This is where I have found the creative practice invaluable. I do know who I am and being creative has allowed me to reach out of my comfort zone.

So far, I’ve learned that this life has so much to offer and you have to get brave to grow. What do you really want? and what’s stopping you from getting it? Let me know.

Here’s part of the garden and the Ginger Ninja enjoying our gorgeous sunsets!

Next time I’ll let you in on the garden shenanigans and introduce you to Audrey!

So until next time… Keep creating


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