Well, where to start after such an emotional weekend. Last week I shared how I had started my journey with Talisman painting and how it can be so transformational…. well didn’t I find out about it!!! I had left the painting where it was last week thinking that it would be a fairly simple exercise to complete this weekend.

I was very much mistaken…there was resistance.

So what do you do when you hit resistance?

You just keep painting….and painting and going deeper. I think I went places I didn’t really expect and it culminated at the end of the evening with an almighty cry. I felt such old pain and things that I hadn’t thought about for a very long time. Click!

The lock had turned and things were shifting.

Reflecting on it the next day, I could feel the joy of it…something was gone, but not just for a bit, it had actually gone into the painting, the cosmos leaving space for new ideas, new pathways, and a new story.

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