I was really surprised by the Muse on our 3 days in Melbourne.

For starters…she didn’t show herself.

Here is a snippet of the conversation:

me: can you show me your face my dear for this?

Muse: Use your imagination and see with your heart.

Me: That’s helpful!

Muse: yes it is. You need to experience what people who are not like you would feel like.

Me: ok…very uncomfortable and uncertain then?

Muse: yes

So I approached a portal that I wasn’t too sure about with the chalk and just let it happen.

All of a sudden I could see horns and shapes and a face emerged.

My Muse showed up as Hathor. I could feel her solidity, her strength and the power with her.

Her Letter to Me:

Dearest Heart,

Look within, it is all there…Keep picking up the brush without fear or hesitation, you are the art and the expression and perfect as it is. The doubts are an excuse and this you can no longer use. You know the truth and so must be conscious. The tiredness of work will pass when you focus your attention on your holy work. You can walk away eventually, for now, walk the two worlds and show gratitude for all the learning as you move and transition. And you will always be a teacher, but that’s not your great work. Showing others the path is only part of what you do. You are a healer and that will come through the painting. You started it with the drawings, but it will end up developing more. The people will come looking for it and by the end of this year, you will have enough pieces to show and inspire. That’s where the freedom is. Keep going no matter what goes on. You are!

Flame the embers

Rekindle the fire

There is much to be done

They are calling for you

Straighten yourself and leave the fear behind

Walk strong and solid on the earth

For you are needed

Your joy, your compassion

Your healing hand

The laughter in your eyes

The wisdom of the soul is needed to move the world.

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