Legendary Self

Even though she only took a few weeks to do, there was so much coming from this encounter. I'll put some parts in from my journaling: After I started opening her up I started feeling excited, my heart like it was expanding and feeling a little buzzy with the energy....

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The Muse Comes Forward

I was really surprised by the Muse on our 3 days in Melbourne. For starters...she didn't show herself. Here is a snippet of the conversation: me: can you show me your face my dear for this? Muse: Use your imagination and see with your heart. Me: That's helpful! Muse:...

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Mary Magdalene

This painting was done through Shiloh Sophia's online class on Mary Magdalene. It's been a long time since I looked at the feminine in traditional Christianity. I studied it at university and loved many of the historical aspects of it, although I could never...

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The Power of Intentional Creativity

Well, where to start after such an emotional weekend. Last week I shared how I had started my journey with Talisman painting and how it can be so transformational.... well didn't I find out about it!!! I had left the painting where it was last week thinking that it...

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A New Challenge Begins

I began the Talisman journey this week. This is part of the Intentional Creativity Teachers course. I'm really seeing that as I'm venturing more into teaching, that I need to continue to work on myself. As the saying goes 'healer, heal thyself'. This has been a lovely...

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