Today is  Sunday and it’s a beautiful day. It’s been very wet, really good with all the bushfires. We’ve had quite a lot of that going on, but I’m getting really excited because the new studio is nearly finished, and so it’s ready to start working again.

 And I’m loving how this space is turning out. 

It feels really good.  

People can come and explore their creative process with me here. And not only here but we can also do that online. 

You might wonder as to why would you want to be exploring your creative self. And there’s a lot of reasons for it. 

One of the main ones that I find is that we all have a very critical aspect of ourselves. If you think about how you think when you talk to yourself.

 A lot of the times we are harsh with ourselves, we give ourselves a hard time because we haven’t done something right. Or haven’t achieved what we wanted to do, and instead of looking at all the good things that we do. 

It’s that critical voice that sometimes stops us from doing those things we really desire and want to get out of life because it’s a bit risky. 

What I’ve found with the creative process, particularly with intentional creativity, which is what I teach, is that it allows for that critical voice to take its rightful place as not being a critic so much as more of the discerning voice that we all have. A lot of the time people talk about, “we need to cut out the critic” and let it go, and not have it, but it is intimately part of who we are.

 Its function has changed over time because we were not listening to the other voice that we have, the really quiet voice. (You know, the one that tells you the little dreams or the nudges to go and do something that we don’t know and follow your dreams) When those nudges come to you, the critic comes out and says, ‘ No, no, no, we’re not doing that’s out of our comfort zone’. 

It gets to be quite a nasty voice because we haven’t listened. And it is actually part of both. You have your

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critic, and your, I guess your inner Muse or your inner guidance, who are really part of one thing. 

Once you start to listen more to that inner guidance. And you get in tune with it, you’ll find that the critical voice becomes less harsh, it becomes more of a discerning friend who might still say well, hang on a minute. What about if this happens and then you can have that conversation where you go, Okay, that’s something that possibly could go wrong. Maybe I’ll still go ahead and do that. 

When that aspect is balanced out it’s not so much that ‘oh You’re hopeless you can’t do that you’d never achieve that”. It’s more of a kind, voice. 

 I think particularly women, We’ve been so trained to just do the right things, do what you ‘should’ and this is one of the things that I’ve worked with people in letting go of that ‘should’ thing that we have because that’s part of where that critical voice comes in our minds. We have been trained since birth that there are certain things that we must do that we should do. 

If we don’t do those things and we’re failing, or we’re not right. 

What happens with the creative process is once you start focusing on your hands, on the paint or on the paper or whatever we’re creating. At that time, you can bypass that logical critical mind, and actually, delve into more of the subconscious/ unconscious parts of you that have the wisdom that we don’t access generally. So, it’s a matter of using creativity, as an access point for your own inner guidance. and regaining that trust in it to make impactful changes in your life without so much of the angst when we have inner turmoil.

And it’s a beautiful way of doing it.

So how can you get into this juicy goodness?

Look out for some of the classes that are coming up. There’s also, a couple of online classes and  I’m about to do another free online class. 

And you can also join my group where I’ll be doing a lot more little processes for you to do like weekly prompts, or a little class, or a technique that you can go and try out. 

Remembering that you don’t need any experience for this it’s all a learning process and it’s about how you feel, playing. 

Get back to playing with creativity, because it makes you feel good. 

So until next time, keep creating 

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