Even though she only took a few weeks to do, there was so much coming from this encounter. I’ll put some parts in from my journaling:

After I started opening her up I started feeling excited, my heart like it was expanding and feeling a little buzzy with the energy. Her eyes were a bit small, but she wanted them bigger.

Just pictured her full size….she’s amazing, really solid and grounded with flowers on her body.

Her skin still feels very dark with some purple tinges to it.

The third eye is for looking in…the wisdom is in there.

When doing the lips, she was singing… singing the wisdom forward.

I think the heart with the flames and growth maybe the wisdom healing symbol.

Then this came through:

‘The hurt has led to growth,

but now the wound must be healed over.

Precious blood must not be lost,

It’s needed to hold in and flow up,

The increasing energy and push towards the stars,

The flame cauterizes and transmutes

Violet flame restores this heart.

Softer yet wiser, stronger than before

See through the heart healed

not through the mind wounded

The mind will keep you small and cowering,

Rise up with the energy….connect the dots,

See with your wisdom, feel with your heart

Connect with Spirit in order to fly

The cosmos waits for your star to show up

Your path, your truth is required by seekers and skeptics alike

Sing your wisdom, sing it strong

Time has come and you are required

You are part of the fabric, part of the magic that is needed

Keep to your path, move faster

Move like lighting as you leave the wounds behind, healed over and overgrown by dreams. ‘

What are my breakthroughs:

To see with the eyes of the heart

To listen within

Acknowledge the growth that has sprouted

To speak the wisdom funneled from the universe and heart…SPEAK YOUR TRUTH

And what does she speak herself?;

Your pains have left wounds. The wounds are healed over, but there is some scar tissue. It is in these places that the seeds have sprouted and the eternal fire in your heart transmutes all.

You are not your pain. YOU ARE.

Let the heart inform the mind and allow the mind to open to the wisdom of the universe, be the channel that speaks that truth from the universe and experience of the heart. Listen carefully and do not cower back, because you cannot go back.

Feel my energy surge. See my jewels and feel the moon and stars. You are awake and need to speak your truth. Take your place, gather your tribe and be willing to do the work. “She who speaks truth”

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