Intentional Creativity

“Everyone is Creative and through Creativity,
your soul can shine through”

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What is Intentional Creativity?

Intentional Creativity is a global movement being shared by my teacher Maestra Shiloh Sophia, and artist in Sonoma, California and found of the Intentional Creativity Foundation Probably best summed up by her own words:

“Intentional Creativity is a framework, a chosen approach, a viewing window and a portal of inquiry.  Here is our essential operative vocabulary as seen through the framework of Intentional Creativity, meaning there is a lens through which you are viewing the words.  Each word serves as a linguistic abstraction that can be applied to any medium, including thought, movement, art and sound – anything you make.  And especially if you do it with love and or a sacred intent.

Intentional Creativity does not necessarily refer only to painting or writing, rather it expands on a philosophy of being, living and falling in love with our lives, one another and creation itself.  There are, of course, 13 core teachings based on chosen conscious transformation.  There are the practices employed in every class or experience using Intentional Creativity.

Here’s the amazing part, when we create with intention, all of these are somehow active at once without us needing to name them at all.  Separating them out as words simply helps us take a better look.  It’s rather like trying to lasso the mystery.  This kind of thinking has been around since the beginning of time, it’s nothing new, but we may be new to it.  The idea of working with image and word together as a path of intentional inquiry was sparked within the framework of our Intentional Creativity Lineage in the 1030’s by Lenore Thomas Straus and passed to my teacher, Sue Hoya Sellars and in collaboration with my mom, Caron McCloud onto me. ~ Maestra Shiloh Sophia.

What does it offer?

As with everything what you put in you get out.  These Creative processes can be relatively simple, yet can make profound change and healing.  Most of our psychology or counselling are very mind based, but with Intentional Creativity, whatever is ready to be healed will surface and in that creative act is where it releases from the body and the stories are transferred.

After studying are therapy, I found that this can be such a powerful way of healing, particularly since the use of creativity bypasses the conscious mind and deals directly with the unconscious.

Intentional Creativity can also become a spiritual practice, where you can bring up and inquiry and use whatever materials you have, to explore thoughts and revelations.  It’s about becoming conscious and awake and the more people are awake, live can change, the world can change.

You don’t need to know how to paint or draw (surprisingly you can but haven’t yet discovered that yet), you just need to be willing to explore and get out of your comfort zone.

For more information on the research, click HERE

“First class in drawing and it was incredible!!!!! Enjoyed how we visioned our Muse with a meditation on the first class. Although my final image was not as I pictured in my mind, Gisela guided me as it progressed.” Sandy

- Sandy

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I'm Gisela and I help people gain their own answers and learn to trust their own intuition through art.

It’s not until you are willing to work on yourself and follow your inner guidance that you truly start to heal.

Since forever, it would seem art has always been part of my life...

I found myself on a bit of a merry go round of healing until I had a light bulb moment…I have the answers…My answers are within and yours are too.

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