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Soothing The Heart

A creative space for healing - FREE Self Paced mini workshop

What if there was a way for you to be inspired to reconnect to yourself?


The kids are leaving home and it feels like you’re left with a “what now?” feeling. Where is the woman who was once bathed in creativity with amazing ideas? How did you lose her?


I see you, see the beauty and strength at your core.

Yet you doubt and find yourself seeking others to guide you.

Then confusion sets in. And paralysis. Maybe you decide to stick with what you know, simply because you know it and it feels safe.

Yet, you long for so much more.

I know, I was there too, year after year doing the same thing, doing what I ‘should’, desperate to break out but full of uncertainty, indecision, and inability to take action. I lost my inner GPS.

It’s taken decades, but now I have become fully secure. I trust my Inner GPS and teach women to trust theirs too.

You are so wildly intuitive. But you grew up being taught to follow the ’should’s’, to be practical and logical, and ignore your inner voice of wisdom.

‘I received Gisela’s artwork she did for me along with a message that will inspire me to follow my dreams – passionately. It was poignant and powerful. Love your work.’ Jaqui, QLD.

                                                 What if you switch on your inner GPS?

‘This became so much more than just painting. I learnt to trust myself, silence my inner critic and just be. And by being & trusting the process, my painting sprang to life.’ Libby, Darwin

What if you could make confident decisions based on your own knowing?

What if you could get off the hamster wheel and co-create the life you truly desire?

If you could do these things…what would your life look like?

You are open to challenge the status quo.

You already have the that which you seek within. It is now a matter of unlocking it. You already have all that you seek within you, it is now a matter of learning how to unlock it.

See what unlocking it feels like, with this FREE workshop

Who is she?

Gisela is a creative medicine woman and working artist in Perth, Australia. She guides women to explore their inner world in a fun & supportive way through workshops, retreats & online classes.

Gisela has over 16 years experience as an art educator. She graduated from Color of Woman in 2017 and has been teaching Intentional Creativity since.

Along with counselling, art therapy and various healing modalities, she focuses on the awakening of women to their own inner guidance and creating the lives they want through the creative process and teaching women to rediscover the power of their Inner GPS. She guides her clients in the use of Intentional Creativity to transcend ordinary space and time to create magic with paintbrushes.

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