began the Talisman journey this week. This is part of the Intentional Creativity Teachers course. I’m really seeing that as I’m venturing more into teaching, that I need to continue to work on myself.

As the saying goes ‘healer, heal thyself’. This has been a lovely layering process as I search for the ‘real’ me and what she wants to cause.

And she wants to cause a lot. So many people I work with find themselves pegged into a box of who they think they are, that it is really frightening to think that there are alternatives possible.

She wants me to help people shake loose from those constructs, the limits, the lack of self-belief.

Who could you be if you didn’t feel like you had to: keep your job, be a mum, be good, be responsible, keep to the rules?

The amazing thing with this process is that you deal with it, put it on the canvas and change the story. It’s not just intellectualizing it, understanding what has happens, but it means that you use the creative process to bring it a physicality.

You get it out of your body.

The beauty of it is that you don’t have to be a brilliant artist to do it, beginners can do it and gain so much.

The thing is whether you are prepared to be awake and look at things and let them go. Can you give yourself permission to break free of your old stories that hold you back?

So are you ready? are you willing?

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